The following are just a few questions we get asked and things that you should know about our workshops.

I paid for a spot and my friends are coming as well.  Can you hold their spot until they pay?

No, unfortunately we do not hold spots as it takes it up spaces for paying participants.  Please book your whole group if you plan to come with friends.

Do you offer private parties or teach a workshop at another location?

Yes,  we offer workshops for wedding parties, birthdays, bridal showers, kids birthdays and private events.  Depending on your group and specifications we offer group rates and are flexible with teaching at another location.  We require a minimum of 15 for a private workshop.  Please email us for more information and rates.

Do I need to bring my own materials for the workshop?

All the workshops include your materials in the fee.  We just need you to show up and have a great time!

 Can I bring my own containers to the workshop even though you provide containers already?

We supply you with 1 Geometric glass vessel to make your own terrariums to take home.  If you would like to bring your own container please let us know before hand so we can let you know if it will work.  Additional fees may apply for plants and materials if you decide to bring your own vessel.

How do I find about new workshops or special events at crown flora studio?

 We take everyone's email information if you attend our workshop.  You are also encourage to sign up to our mailing list which you will be notified about new workshops and events at our shop.  We do our best to notify our past workshop attendees as space are limited for special workshops.

How many people do you typically have in a workshop? 

Each workshop is intimate so we are able to have one on one time with everyone.  We take groups from 8-15 in our shop maximum.  

Can I show up to a workshop date to participate? 

We ask that you pay and book online with the dates that are being offered.  It allows to keep track of everyone who will be participating on that day.  We do not accept phone calls to reserve a spot. 

I received a gift certificate for a workshop, how do I redeem it?

When you receive a gift certificate for a workshop just simply see what dates are listed and available to participate.  If you see a date that you would like to participate in simply email us so that we can book you in.  All we need is your name, email, phone number and your gift certificate number on the lower left corner.  Please note that all workshop policies and cancellations apply with gift certificates.

 Can I share a workshop fee with a friend?

All participants pay per fee so that each person is making their own terrarium.  If you want to come with a friend you will have to pay 2 separate fees.